Chef R. Paul Hyman
By Yvonne Mason

Chef Hyman

"Beatles or Stones." "Stones." answered Paul. There lies the underlying ultimate answer to any philosophy, including cooking. "The sound of Cooking is music unto itself." Chef Hyman expanded.

Hyman hails from New Orleans, growing up on his grandparents farm, he learned the importance of seasonal fresh ingredients. "How did your New Orleans upbringing influence you in the kitchen? The diverse cooking styles and people." he answered. "Why do so many chefs come from New Orleans? Itís a great city with a strong heritage of Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamese and African." Paul explained.

He didnít attend culinary school, instead he apprenticed in kitchens with some of the best chefs in the U.S. "What are the advantages of apprenticing over culinary school?", "You get paid" replied Chef Hyman. "Who is your favorite chef?" "I admire many chefs. I like what Jason Wilson in Seattle is doing. Across the country I would say Michael Anthony at Gramercy Tavern (New York), Jamie Bissonette at Coppa in Boston, Edward Kim, in Chicago at Ruxbin or Laurent Gras where ever he cooks."

One evening our meal concluded with a fabulous and most unexpected Moulard Foie Gras (Oregon) with fresh figs, wildflower honey, Marcona almonds and Medjool date jam on a brioche. Love at first bite. The brilliant dish is usually served as an appetizer, but worked equally well as a dessert.

I had to ask about pork, as the chef sported socks with little piggies. He offered "The dearest thing to my heart besides my family." And, what about local seafood?" "Love it especially with pork." Chef Hyman explained. "What are your current favorite ingredients?" "Vadouvan curry, harissa, candied bacon, cocoa nibs, but by far itís whole pig." said Paul.

"What is your favorite meal?" "Fruity Pebbles..." (appears to be a cereal with Fred Flintstone on the box.) "Anything else youíd like to say?" "Buy local, eat fresh and cook with love." concluded Chef Hyman.

Paul Hyman has been the chef de cuisine at bin on the lake since November 2010, at The Woodmark Hotel, Yacht Club and Spa, Carillon Point, Washington At bin on the lake, Chef Hyman is celebrating American cuisine and the bounty of the Pacific Northwest by leading a kitchen that focuselocally sourced farm-to-table cooking, traditional culinary techniques and simple French/Italian influenced cuisine.

Hyman worked in New Orleans at Commanderís Palace, Nuvolariís Ristorante and Colbalt Restaurant. He worked with James Beard Award-winning Chef Susan Spicer. Following a decade in New Orleans, he spent six years in Boston, Mass. where he was Executive Chef at Todd Englishís Bonfire Steakhouse. Then, Chef Hyman spent three years in Portland, Oregon as Chef de Cuisine at Nel Centro and Belly Timber. And, now at The Woodmark Hotel.

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