Fantastic Port Lligat & Cadaques, Spain
By Yvonne Mason

We open the drapes of our room in the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel to view the bright night city lights and the swimming pool at The Spa at South Coast Plaza. And finally, we snuggle into the comfiest beds this side of heaven.

the Egg Domed Chapel

What a weekend. What a dark blue, clear azur water reflects the morning sun in the adjoining perfect bays of Cadaques and Port Lligat. The two bays outline the western Mediterranean Sea about half an hour south of the French border.

Salvador Dali had spent long periods of his young life in Port Lligat. Dali and his beloved wife Gala spent forty years adding on to and decorating their home there.

Martha Stewart dinning room

The house is made up of a number of fisherman's huts fastened in inventive and fascinating ways, then whitewashed. I have long been intrigued by many of the Dali thoughts and art works, some way too far out for me, but the Salvador Dali House-Museum is charming.

The house is quite livable with amusing, but not alarming touches found around every bend. The front door opens to a small foyer (most rooms seem smallish in this day of tacky Mansions).

The Regal Bedroom

A steely eyed stuffed polar bear wearing enough necklaces to have just returned from the Mardi Gras greets the visitors at the entrance. Up a level, the dining room features a long wooden communal table with choir looking bench and a shell wall motif. It could be right out of Martha Stewart.

The Dali's twin bedded bed room is regal with eagle crested Antwerp blue and lipstick red canopies, duvets and dust ruffles.

The huge patio has tiled decks, olive trees and oleander bushes overlooking the bay of Port Lligat with bobbing fishing boats. A tiered chapel sits above the patio, with a giant egg surrounded by fluffy clouds atop the chapel, pitchforks jut from the walls.

swimming pool

My favorite room is the very long meandering lap pool, with all manner of critters and decorations. Fish-like creatures jet spray water across the pool.

A giant snake undulates along one wall. At one end, a Moroccan style enclosure invites one to lounge. Pirelli tire motifs, a garrison of toy soldiers and a large luscious pink lip sofa adorn another twist in the pool.

A Michelin tire boy resides at the other end of the pool. What fun parties must have happened here.

And, of course, Dali's signature eggs frolic on the exterior roofline of the house.


Cadaques, the bay just south of Port Lligat, is one of the most beautiful little sea towns I've seen. White houses with tile roofs ring the two halves of the bay. Rolling hills with abundant greenery crown the image. The water is like cool velvet for swimming.

Touristy shops and restaurants dot the bay. And in late June there were plenty of tourists..

Casa Blaua (Blue House in the Catalan language of northern Spain and southern France), is right out of a happy dream. Built in 1910, the casa is more Moorish in style than the Art Nouveau one would expect.

The balconies, doors and window treatments are painted in a robin's egg blue. I wished to view the interior, but it appeared to be a private residence.

Cadaques is great for just kicking back, watching the parade of people and breathing in the fresh air. I can't imagine a more fascinating and magical spot than the two little northeastern       Spanish bays.

Fantastic Port Lligat & Cadaques, Spain

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