Anthony Bourdain at U.C.L.A.
By Yvonne and Richard Mason

We enter Royce Hall, U.C.L.A. to recorded sounds of Television's "Marquee Moon". It is a Rock N Roll night.

Anthony Bourdain strolls onto the bare stage, the audience goes wild as if Anthony were Mick Jagger. Bourdain is here to promote his latest book "Medium Raw, A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food at the People Who Cook."


Surely, a prophet is in our mist. A prophet of lifestyle, food, drink, travel and hedonism. We are here to hear every word of his wisdom.

"Eating well is about total submission"..Anthony Bourdain offered. The travel and eating general truth principles include "make the most of it, donít waste time in Starbucks or Planet Hollywood. Do something, go away from groups, donít worry about dirt, eat local. If you walk into a restaurant, if you see more than two Americans you are in the wrong place. Eat like the locals eat."

Try to dress right, be polite, be grateful. Food is an expression of what you are.

Bourdain continues "Even if you're a vegetarian if youíre in the Mekong Delta, eat the puppy heads offered. Being polite trumps everything."

Anthony Bourdain believes that New York has the best restaurants, San Sebastian, Spain is his dream restaurant city. He is a big fan of Ferran Adria's molecular cusine at El Bulli on the Costa Brava.

Jacques Pepin and Eric Ripert are influences. He admires Bobby Flay (before Throwdown), the Barefoot Contessa, Emeril, Mario Batali (but why did he take Gwyneth Paltrow, a vegan, on his TV trip through Spain (the capitol of ham).

The jubilant audience exited to ."Shine a Light" by The Rolling Stones.

A reception in a Royce Hall adjacent room was an homage to a polite and shy book signing Anthony. Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, assorted bruschettas, one with pork cheeks and petit fours were served to the 200 some fans who had shelled out $175. for the VIP evening. It was the most fun since our last Stones concert.

Anthony Bourdain was born in New York City in 1956. After two years at Vasser, he attended Culinary School of America, He was chef of Les Halles, New York City for 28 years and star of No Reservations on the Travel Channel.

Books by Anthony Bourdain include: Kitchen Confidential, A Cook's Tour, Thyphoid Mary, Anthony Bourdainís Les Halles Cookbook, The Nasty Bites, No Reservations, Bone in the Throat, Gone Bamboo, and Bobby Gold.

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